5 Secret Benefits of Eloping | Top Reasons to Elope

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping | Top reasons to elope instead of have a traditional wedding.

Top reasons why to elope

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping

Have you found the idea of eloping intriguing?! I’m going to fill you in on 5 secret benefits of eloping… and you might just find out it’s everything you’ve been searching for!


Eloping is like a vacation

Imagine what a dream vacation looks like for you and your partner. You can do just that on your elopement day!

Like a vacation, eloping can be stress-free, casual, fun, easy-going, AND completely luxurious. Your elopement can include good food, amazing experiences, beautiful scenery, and sleeping in (if that’s your thing).


Eloping empowers you

You have the freedom to choose…. all of it. When your elopement starts, when it ends, what you do, and every detail of what it looks like in-between.

Eloping is your opportunity to switch your money from people-pleasing to what you really want MOST from your day.

(PSSST. That means you’re swapping out one of your guests having an okay experience at your wedding to you and your partner having the experience of your lives at your elopement.)


You can incorporate your hobbies

What kind of adventures do you guys go on? Cliff jumping, camping, do you have picnics on the beach? Surfing, staying in a cabin in the woods, hiking, paddle boarding, boating, star gazing, kayaking, getting pizza? Whatever you like to do- pack your bags. I am on my way!

Truthfully, I’ve had couples really lean into this aspect of eloping and it has been a SUCH A BLAST.


You can actually spend time with your partner… & eat a full meal

You’re thinking why is a meal a secret benefit? Weddings have food?! They absolutely do, with everyone else in mind. At the average American wedding, spouses barely see one another and if they do, odds are they DID NOT get to finish a full meal together. That’s how busy big weddings can be! We’re not skipping any meals here at Wild & Free Elopements. And don’t forget dessert, it’s my personal fave.

Just like we’re reallocating finances, we are reallocating TIME! Put it this way: would you rather spend two minutes per guest for a quick “hi and bye” or a full day adventuring with the one you love most in your life?


Elopements are a huge win for the planet

Yupp, 600lbs. That’s how much waste can hit the landfill after a large wedding. By eloping, you can offset an insane amount of waste and do something nice for the planet.

Who does such nice stuff for us – right?!

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping | Top reasons to elope instead of have a traditional wedding.

Does this sound awesome or what?!

If you are interested in eloping but don’t know where to start, let me make it super easy for you! Fill out the contact form below and we can start piecing together an amazing day for the two of you!

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