5 Secret Benefits of Eloping | Top Reasons to Elope

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping | Top reasons to elope instead of have a traditional wedding.

Top reasons to elope

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping

Has the idea of eloping been intriguing you? Today I’m going to fill you in on the 5 secret benefits of eloping and it might just help you know if eloping is right for you and your partner!

Less Stress

Whether you are stressed out by crowds, big to-do lists, minute-by-minute timelines, or just the idea of planning a huge event –eloping will be your BFF.

One of the biggest benefits of eloping: relief of some major, major stress!!! This is a simple one, but a biggie for so many couples! Even a top reason couples choose to elope! They don’t want to be rushed through what is supposed to be the best day of their life. They don’t want to dedicate any of their energy or attention to little things that won’t matter in hindsight. They don’t want to be consumed by the stress of hosting an event, they just want to enjoy the day together!

So many fewer things to think about but so much more to experience!

Ultimately, eloping couples want to feel free on their wedding day. Free to take in every moment slowly. Free to do what they want, live out every whim, and go at their own pace. Free to experience their day without the weight of intense stress. I think you deserve that and I want to help you have exactly that.

Quality time with close friends and family is one of the top secret benefits of eloping
Quality Time

I may be biased (my Love Language is “quality time”) but I’d take quality over quantity any day when it comes to my loved ones.

No matter if you are eloping with just a few friends or family members or just the two of you, you will be so much more capable of giving more of your heart, love, and attention to your people that day. Between the lack of stress on both you and your immediate family members, it will be easier for all of you to ENJOY the day. It will be easier for you to have meaningful conversations and experiences with one another as there is so much less of a rush to get to the next person or event.

Similarly, you will actually get to spend your wedding day with your fiancé! So many traditional wedding days have you separated for most of it and then rushing from one thing to the next (without consideration of what you two actually want to do in any given moment). The whole day goes by and you don’t get any quality time with your partner! So, one of the many benefits of eloping is getting an amazing day spent with the love of your life by your side!! Look forward to all the silly jokes, laughter, and you-ness that is about to happen!

5 Secret Benefits of Eloping
Tailored Experience

Some of the best experiences of my life have been those where I’m most comfortable being myself. The ones that are fun, carefree, spontaneous, and generally more casual. If you can relate, then I desperately want that for you and your wedding day too.

Imagine a formal ceremony with hundreds of people, can you interrupt your own ceremony for a funny joke? Or would you hold yourself back?

Imagine a reception full of people waiting for you to return, yet you get this wild thought to jump in the ocean right at sunset. Will you be sad if you can’t live it out?

I think one of the major benefits of eloping is being able to surround yourself with just the people you feel the most YOU around and getting to do all the things that would make YOU happy (not just following the templated list of wedding day events).

What do you think sounds like an awesome experience you’d want to relive over and over? Do that, and you’ll never feel regret!

Empowerment is one of the 5 secret benefits of eloping

You know what? It’s hard to go against the grain. But boy is it worth it.

The sense of empowerment you can feel from choosing what is right for YOU is the biggest secret of all the benefits of eloping.

Just remember that every single person that is trying to tell you what to do with your big celebration of love either has already had their chance to live out their dream wedding or will in the future. This one is yours! So not only does that mean you have every right to hold on to all the decision power here, you really shouldn’t have to feel bad about it either.

It may be a little hard in the beginning to go down that unpaved path, but you’ll feel such a stronger sense of fulfillment by staying strong and following your heart all the way to the end.

Boho ceremony of your dreams is one of the benefits of eloping
Quality Over Quantity

One of the most frequently misunderstood benefits of eloping is the savings factor. While many couples looking to elope will save tons of money over a big, traditional wedding –that’s often not their main goal. They are eloping so that they can have a better experience and have a higher quality of service in what they do choose to splurge on. Instead of spending money on things they aren’t excited about, they are investing in the best 24-hours they’ve ever had together!

Keeping quality over quantity in mind, you can make intentional choices that will help lead you to a day you are happier with. Can you imagine having the dress of your dreams, the photographer you connect with, the amazing hotel in Big Sur you’ve always wanted to stay at, a beautiful boho ceremony arch, and the 5-star dinner straight out of the Food Network Channel all for your day? Would you trade cases of plastic bubble wands, venue fees, and mediocre catering for 200 for something a little more on par with your vision?

Does this sound awesome or what?!

If you are interested in eloping but don’t know where to start, let me make it super easy for you! Fill out the contact form below and we can start piecing together an amazing day for the two of you!

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